23 de Septiembre 2005

Gobierno Perfecto

Perfect Government
by Dragon Ash

Young people in general
Are indifferent to politics
'Cause it makes us sick to see
The People kowtowing to others
"Which political party is
In power in our country now?"
Do your best if you are
To do it at all but we don't care

Prefect government is here!
Well regulated march is here!
Prefect government is here!
Well regulated march is here!

He said "I'd like to work in
The political world" I said why
He said "I wanna ride nice car"
I think it's good idea
The guerrillas armed themselves with guns,
Why don't you stand up your big chair?
You turned a blind eye all the time
And I pick up the microphone

This is distortion, maybe perfect sound
This is 'give and take', maybe perfect speech

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday Saturday over again

You explain away your mistake very well
So we don't have to do just as you tell us
Our country possess good music and good food
"Anything you want sir" "No, that's it"

Y todo a partir de esto, esto y esto, y esto otro, y esto otro más.

Que Venezuela es un lindo pais, no lo niego. Lo que lo jode es su gente, en especial quienes la gobiernan y la estan llevando al desastre aún creyendo que están haciendo bien.
Irónicamente, mi tema favorito del grupo cuya letra estoy citando se llama "Viva la Revolution". Afortunadamente no se refiera a la "bonita" del infame "mar de la felicidad".

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